Various ways and uses of Joomla Web Development


Joomla: An introduction

These days, each and every website uses a CMS or Content Management System for better usage and storage of its content. A Content Management System is a program basically. This program helps websites in publishing, editing and maintaining its content in an effective way. Now, Joomla is a popular Content Management System which is based on Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. Various web publishing and editing websites use Joomla web development for enhancement. Joomla is coded using PHP and thus it is open source and cost nothing. One of the salient features of Joomla web development is that it is based on Object Oriented Programming paradigm.

Joomla Web designing

The developers of Joomla introduced an extension which allows the incorporation of Joomla templates for Joomla web design. Designers can use this extension to its full extent to extract very positive results on Joomla web design. The CMS is there for the management of content, but the look and the structure of the website can be modified by using these templates. The unique selling proposition of Joomla web development is that the content and the design are separate. The Joomla web design can be edited, updated and even deleted without affecting the content of the website. Some of the components of designs in a Joomla-driven website are:

  • Layout: The entire design structure of the website is based on the layout provided by Joomla. The layout is the fundamental structure where various other components are placed as per customer-provided order. These components can be anything from the content itself to various supportive plug-ins.
  • Colour stylisation: For this, it is a pre-requisite that developers and designers are adept at HTML coding and CSS designing. Using CSS, colours and other formats of background and the layout can be changed.
  • Images and graphic design: Any modern day website is incomplete without proper images and graphic contents. Joomla web design provides support mechanisms for image display and various other visual effects like flash.
joomla web development


Joomla driven websites

Another fascinating advantage of Joomla web development is that it can be installed and set up pretty easily. In fact, some of the web-hosting services provide one click installation of Joomla. So it can be seen that one does not need to be an advanced user to install Joomla. Joomla not only supports basic installation, but it also provides customised facilities for advanced users. The extensibility of Joomla web development allows various types of users to use it efficiently.