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Web development company India would be incomprehensible, if we did not elaborate on the ‘web development’ part. The world and lifestyles of people have changed a lot since the day of advent of the Internet. Time and effort have been saved to a large extent by extensive uses of Internet and web. For instance, banking used to be a really tiresome job with standing on the queue and going from counter to counter. With the advent of online or net banking, a transaction of money would be done in a jiffy. Here in web development company India, services mean a lot than just designing as we shall see in later discussion. Web development, to a broad sense, means everything the developers need to perform to get a website to function properly.

Web development

Unlike web designing, web development comprises a lot of things than just HTML and CSS. As a matter of fact, web designing is just a part of web development. Web development services India or in any other country involves a structured programming language, database, designing and various other stuffs. It means everything that we need to do to set a website up and running. Apart from web designing, the other verticals of development of a website can be client negotiation, content writing, scripting at both server and client sides etc. One of the primary equipment for web development company India, as well as the other web development companies, is the web server. The website resides in the server. Actually the site itself does not reside anywhere. All the parts reside in the server and browser renders those parts to show us the website. This is more or less the gist of the working procedure of any web application.

web development company

Coming back to our banking example, it is needless to mention that the security of the website becomes extremely important. Without it, serious criminal offence can take place, especially when it involves transaction of money. Web development services India cannot deny their responsibility to implement the proper security on their development. Secure socket layers and various other security measures can be taken as a safety measure by any web development company India. Especially, in the e-commerce department the security and verification makes a big difference as there is an option for online payment. So, we see that web development is vast field; and it would be better to plan ahead and do one task at a time.