Web Portal Development and Its Uses in Modern Internet World


Web Portal: What does it mean?

Website Portal development FirmJust like the meaning of any normal portal the meaning of web portal is also simple. Portal means a gateway or a door to something one craves for. Similarly, a web portal is a door or gateway to abundance of information regarding a particular topic. Web portal development is nothing but development of a web site. It is a web site that brings all the information and shows them in an assimilated way. A web portal development company provide many features. Some of them are discussed below.

Some features of Web Portals

The normal search engine feature is always present in a web portal. Searching for information is a primary requisite in all the web portal development services. Apart from that, many other features should be supported when web portal development comes to mind. A customised email id is another important aspect of any web portal. A web portal development company should also bear in mind that different web portals have different customers or visitors. So the display of information should be oriented towards the content that the visitors are interested in. For instance, a business portal is expected to have bar graphs and pie charts on stock market scenario. International and national news are also important factors in a web portal.

Types of Web portals on Internet

Even though all the web portals are more or less similar to each other, still there are different types of them based on the priority of information in those portals. Some of the examples of those different types are:

  • Personal portals:
    These portals are mainly built by a web portal development company to cater the need of some personalised information.
  • News Portal: This type of portals has the primary purpose of unifying all the latest news and information from diverse sources. Different types of media, print or electronic, are turning to web portal development services for their own news portal. Now-a-days, you would see every news channel or newspaper has their own website where different sorts of news are assimilated together.
  • Job Portal: This is a very important type of web portal on Internet. Most of the job seekers and recruiters are using this sort of portals. Job seeker registers their profile in these websites and recruiters go through those profiles.

So, it can be observed that web portal development on Internet caters to various needs of different types of people.