Web 2.0 – A New Generation of Development


Introduction to Web 2.0:

The nature of website development had been static for years, where making even the slightest changes in a website required spending hours by Web Development Company employees. But during the past few years everything has changed since the arrival of web 2.0. It has given us a collaborative prospective to many social web applications, Various Rich Internet Applications and many web portals that facilitate information by sharing and collaboration have generated in this time. A Web Development Company now can use Web 2.0 to customize flash web designs for developing the content, while adding professional animations and movies to the website also.

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Structure of Web 2.0:

The basic motivation of using web 2.0 is the presence of user friendly controls, smooth user interface, aesthetically pleasing and appealing layouts of websites that leaves visitors wanting for more.Web 2.0 has given us a new user interface for thinking differently and uniquely for the benefit of each client. The complexity of Web 2.0 is used to build community websites and provides high traffic for a site, which gives good return on investment. Web 2.0 also has a great security certification in-build that provides high levels of security for websites. The secure and smooth nature of Web 2.0 makes it favourite with website development companies.

Web 2.0 provides a navigation system that is simple and easy-to-use. You can never get tired of visiting a site, which has a simple three tab function on the top, with each pointing to major sections of the swebite. This cuts down time on browsing a website having an endless number of links at the side bar. Therefore, a website that has a simple navigation system is definitely a brilliant idea. Quite a few Web 2.0 sites do strongly use flat colours and others apply too much gradients and gloss. The effects of gradient and plastic in a website can make it look astonishingly good, when not overused.

Web 2.0 in India:

Web Development in India is not new. There are many web development companies in India, who are pioneers of web developments throughout the world. With the arrival of Web 2.0, these companies have enjoyed the same revolution in website development that has been seen throughout the world. Web 2.0 is the standard medium of web development today and website development in India has seen cutting some edge development since Web 2.0 has arrived. Web 2.0 has brought the future of web development in the present.