PHP web development and its various facets

What is PHP?
PHP or Hypertext Pre-processor is scripting language that helps to write server side codes. Codes written in PHP get executed on the server and not on the client machine as the general perspective is. PHP is a cross-platform language and generally its primary purpose is in php web development. Programs or codes, which are written in PHP, are normally embedded within the HTML document itself. The advantage of this is no requirement of fetching any external file for the php codes. Some of the features of php web development are:

  • PHP is quite easy to learn and use. Unlike some other heavy programming languages like Java, PHP codes are relatively easy to remember. So it is quite easy to implement them over the HTML document.
  • Php web development is absolutely free. PHP is an open source scripting language and hence there is no cost of purchasing licence to use or permission.
  • Another facet of php web design is that it can execute over any web server without relying specifically on a particular set of platforms.

Database access and PHP

PHP Website DesignOne of the primary tasks that a php web development company needs to dois to maintain a proper database. The connectivity of database with a website, built on php web design, is a task of utmost importance. The reason is every website has certain purposes and to fulfil those purposes each of those websites require some sort of data storage mechanism. In other words they need to store some important client data in their databases. This is relatively easy with PHP than any other heavy language in the market. MySQL is used for databases by any php web development company these days. In fact, MySQL has become so common with PHP that it comes within the core PHP module. But this certainly does not mean that a php website development company would not support using other databases like ODBC et cetera.

Application control and Graphic design

Another important facet of php web design is the graphic design and the control over the application. It is not only php website Development Company, but any other website development company is expected to incorporate certain amount of access control over the web application. The primary feature of that application control is user login facility. PHP can sufficiently deal with that. Also, PHP provides mechanism to handle rich graphic content over the website too.